Monday, August 15, 2011

Reporting on the London Riots for Vibe Magazine

V Exclusive: VIBE Investigates Mark Duggan's Death In London, New Details Surface
While most of London is quiet, Broadwater Farm is still burning for information concerning the death of Mark Duggan, the young father whose death in a police shooting sparked days of rioting across the UK. It was initially reported that the early August shooting death of the 29-year-old London man was because he fired at officers.

But according to several eyewitness reports and ballistic evidence obtained by VIBE correspondant Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, who is currently investigating in London, Duggan did not brandish a weapon at the time he was shot. Although he did have a gun when he was pulled over while riding in a cab, he kept it in a sock. Investigators have determined that both bullets found at the scene were police property, raising serious questions about the official police account.

On Thursday Aug 4, at approximately 6pm, he sent the following text message to his friend: “"Yo fam, you on the block? Watch out for green VW van. Trident just jammed me.”

At 6:07 the friend replied to the text and got no response. Eight minutes later, Mark’s brother Marlon got a call from an eyewitness saying that Mark has been shot. Ever since that moment, misinformation about what actually occurred began circulating British media. According to Hold the Front Page, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) admitted to “inadvertently” misinforming the public about the details surrounding Duggan’s death.

"The media and politicians are portraying Mark as a notorious crime dealer and a gunrunner, while members of this community consistently say he was a simple man and father of four,” said Sekou, who has been speaking to Duggan’s family, friends and community activists.

The cab driver who was present at the time of Duggan’s shooting is currently unavailable for comment. Duggan’s family still does not have his body but they are planning a funeral for the first week in September while still trying to get to the bottom of the situation."I'm going on Panorama to tell the world that they murdered our boy,” said Stafford Scott, a Tottenham community organizer of over 20 years, about his visit to the BBC TV program tonight.

Story still developing. Watch for Rev Sekou's full report in the next issue of VIBE.

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